Thursday, July 24, 2008

Delays, Relays, Sick Days.

The original idea was to have the book out by early July. That, as is obvious, has come and gone. The idea behind it was to be an accompaniement for a show I was putting on at Benna's Cafe in lovely, dirty south Philadelphia. The show, due to a slight booking error, was pushed back until early September. The book too has been pushed back. It will release in accordance with the opening of the show, shich was the original plan.
Which means two things.
Another month until release, one.
And, B, a chance for the amazing folks who have already contributed to do some more art for the book, as well as the induction of several new artists into the fold of contributors (TBA).

More on that later.

Stay Frosty, weiners.

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Newest.

So. The artwork has been flowing in and exploding my brain. Some of the most amazing NSFK adorableness. Above are sneak peeks at the pages of Ryan Gannon, Kyle Hussa-Lietz (everyday he's Hussa Lietz), and Peter Wonsowski!, respectively. These are just teasers of their stuff, there's more in the book. So. Check it out when it finally releases later this month.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Premise.

Color This!
Born from the crap factory mind of an angry, bored illustrator sick to the tits of delving neck deep through Disney princess style guides to create the next truly, truly mediocre coloring book flash-in-the-pan piece of garbage, comes this adorable, atrocious mess of good times. A fully collaborative endeavor, the book is constructed by hand and comprised of absolutely 'kid friendly styled' illustrations with content that is fairly far from being child safe. Unless, you're a complete jerk-hole and let your kid do whatever the hell it is they want to do, in which case, swing for the fences, champ. Fuck your kid up.

The first volume in the series is comprised of illustrations half by renowned asshole J.N.Gray, whose contributions are all of children (or wizards) in the direct path of smiling doom, half by an amazing melange of wonderful folks who were kind enough to put up with said asshole.

The likes of Peter (PW!) Wonsowki, Mr. Ryan Gannon, the Fabulous Ketch!, Sir Craig Parillo, and the wonderfully daunting Mr. Kyle Hussa-Lietz were all kind enough to take the time to work out some wonderful pieces of mischievous brilliance on the page.
Let us know what you think!

Early Adopters.

Hey all! Here is a smattering of image teasers from the first run of Color This!, an extremely fun, cute, absolutely awful and non-child friendly series of coloring books put together by a bunch of wonderful turds for your enjoyment.